You must understand that unless you are living your intentions, you are not really living.  A goal, and a task, is something you intend to accomplish. Most of us are only doing the things that we believe we can do. We go around in circles trying to skirt around what we want. We tell ourselves that we need money to accomplish our goals. Or we may tell ourselves that because of such and such, we can’t do what we set out to do.

I was talking to my friend Aiesha earlier today about why we must do what we must do.  In fact, this article is inspired by that conversation. I was telling her that a lot of things changed for me, the moment  i stepped up to be committed to getting things done. Sometimes we believe we are committed to what we are doing, but we are really not. When you are committed to something, you give yourself “No Room For Excuses.” You get it done regardless to the circumstances. So what is it that stops us from getting things done? Sometimes it’s financial reasons, time constraints, or just plain old excuses. I know for me i realized that setting deadlines, really helps you to expedite the process. It helps you to accomplish your goals.  Without a deadline you are just wishing and hoping to do something. Zig Ziglar says it like this: “You can’t hit a target that you can’t see.” I thought that that advice was pretty straight forward. But when i looked deeper into what he was saying, he was not only saying that you have to see it; he was also saying that it had to be “measurable.” That’s the component that most of us seem to miss.

Making things “measurable,” takes it to a whole other level. It puts things into bite-size pieces for us, so that we don’t feel overwhelmed.  When something is measurable you know exactly when it will be finished. You have something to reach for. In retrospect, i can say that i thought to have a “target” was enough. The way i rationalized it was that, if I’m working on it every day  it’s getting done. Wouldn’t you agree? Now i look at it differently. I know now, that putting a deadline on your goals or tasks, takes it to another notch. If you don’t put a deadline on your tasks or goals, you seem to believe you have “forever.” When you believe you have “forever,” you never push yourself to complete your tasks in a timely manner. You always leave yourself a window of opportunity to take your time. You may even procrastinate because you feel that you have “forever.”

Another point that my friend Aiesha brought up was, “obstacles.” She said that a lot of her goals were being delayed because of obstacles. I explained that the only way to overcome “obstacles,” was to make your reasons “why” stronger than your reasons “not to.” Your reasons why, are  the reasons why you want to accomplish your goals. If this reason for doing what you do is not strong enough, you will give yourself “room for excuses.” You will procrastinate and put it off. For example: My reason for writing articles consistently on this blog, are stronger than my not writing articles consistently. Why? Because my reason for doing it is that i have something to share. I’m looking to not only inspire and motivate people, I’m also looking to help transform human life. For me, i feel it is my duty, and my obligation to share what i know. When i add my “Why” up, it becomes stronger than my reason not to write my articles. When i get lazy and don’t feel like writing, i remember my “why” and i spring back into action.

You know when your “why’s” are stronger, because they will motivate you into action. If you are not clear on your “why’s,” your “not’s” will become the dominant force in your life, and whatever is dominant, will rule. So make sure you are totally clear on “why” you want to accomplish a goal. One way to make it crystal clear, is to write your “goals” down. Once written down, carry it around with you in a small notebook as a reminder. As busy as life can be, we all need a reminder. Like they say: “Out of Sight, is Out of Mind.”

Concerning obstacles, they are subjective. That’s right, they are in your mind. It is only when you accept things as an obstacle, that they will be one. When you make a decision to get something done, and you are committed, obstacles don’t exist. You have tunnel vision regarding your goal. You realize that nothing can hold you back unless you let it. You keep your goal in mind and see nothing else.  Obstacles are perceived blocks. They are not real unless you make them real.

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Here is another radio show interview that I appeared in dated November 18, 2011. I was a guest coach on Dr. Ed Moloney’s show. Dr. Moloney is the author of the book “Focus Change.” You can find out more information about him by going to his website:   You must search for the show in the archives by going to typing this “URL” on the address bar……….  This show is about overcoming limitations.

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