Getting to the core of your being.

Who are you really? Are you the things that you do? Or are you the things that you have? Many of us get confused when asked these questions. The only way to know for sure, is to dig our way to the truth. If we dig deep enough we can uncover, and encounter, “The Authentic Self.”

Many of us get tripped up on titles and positions. We use our titles to define our status in life. I’m a doctor, a lawyer, a nurse, an engineer, a business owner etc. The sad thing about using titles is that you limit yourself. As a result you are not able to get to the core of who you really are. It can also lead to many issues like putting a ceiling to your development, and limiting the circumference of your diameters reach. Why is this a problem? It’s a problem because if you limit yourself to a title, you can’t see yourself operating outside of the parameter that you created. Your movement becomes constricted, and you are unable to be free to continue your evolvement process. Many times we come to this life with many gifts, not just one gift. So if you are putting a title on yourself, you don’t really have the freedom to express yourself in the other areas you are blessed in. For example i consider myself to be a “Lifecoach.” But i am also a writer, a producer of transformational products, CEO of my household, and so much more.

What about the things that you have yet to become acquainted with about yourself? You have many gifts, talents and abilities that you are not even aware that you have. How will you account for them if you are limiting yourself with titles. Won’t you be doing yourself a disservice by not counting the gifts, and abilities that you are not aware of. This is why it’s good to say, “I Am All Good Things, Known and Unknown.”

The purpose in life is not to live your life by limitations. You are required to “Excavate the Authentic Self.” To excavate means to uncover or expose by digging. Why would you need to expose something unless that something is covered up? What are you uncovering? You must live your life digging through the rubbish of false ideas and concepts. Layer by layer! It is a process of unfoldment. Each aspect of you is uncovered layer by layer, but only if you are digging for the best that lives inside of you. You are divine! This is your true nature. You are infinite intelligence. A title can never define you. You are all things, unlimited in your potential. To live your life by a title, is to put yourself in a box. You are many things.

The only reason why you have not known this is because you have bought the lie that society fed you. Lies can only hold you to a limited field of potential. Each lie controls the circumference of your diameter, of your parameter. It decides how far you will go. It also decides where you will go in life. If you are divine and your divinity is unfolding to you layer by layer based on your growth; how can you be satisfied with a title. The purpose of your life is for you to become acquainted with the best part of yourself. It is also for you to become the best person you can be. Your best is not limited. It is only limited by the titles you give yourself.

You are unlimited potential! A title can’t dig you to the depths of your being where you will find the treasures of your “Authentic Self.” Nor can it show you the realm of possibilities that exist as you. When someone asks you what do you do, they are really asking you who are you? Make sure that your response will keep you in the field of discovery towards “Excavating your Authentic self.” Tell them: “I am unlimited potential! Not limited by titles. I am all things right and good. I am beyond what i do, because what i do is ever-changing. Because, “I am ever-evolving.” Therefore, “I Am that I Am.” Thank you for reading these words.

The real meaning of Courting The Bliss Life

Each of us are born with a song to sing. This song is our unique authentic expression. It’s the truth of who we really are at the core. The experiences of our lives are trying to get us to sing our song out loud and on purpose. In fact you have an obligation to sing your song. To live your life never knowing your song, or never singing your song, would be a life not lived.

The poet Oliver Wendell Holmes said it like this, “The greatest tragedy of life is for man to go to his grave with his music still in his head.” That’s deep! It’s a horrible thing to walk around with a gift inside of you, and you have no idea it is there. I run across people all of the time who are gifted and have no idea. No one is telling them that they have something to offer the world. So they walk around disillusioned and despondent never realizing their potential.

The only way you can live a life full of bliss, is to walk through life living your song.Your song is something that you love to do. If you had to, you would do it for free. Doing what you love to do is not work at all. When you are doing what you love to do, you are courting your bliss. You are feeding your heart and your soul with true peace and love.

Oftentimes you may allow others to dictate what your life should look like. You may even let them define you. The ironic thing about it is that, your life is already defined by the spirit that lives in you. It says that you are unlimited potential. It wants to express itself and engage you in its melody. It wants to possess you and obsess you with its rhythm. If you listen carefully this inner soul song will guide you. It will bring you to places dearest to your heart. The only reason why you fail to hear the promptings of your song is because you are distracted. You are weighed down with the issues of life.

To “Court the Bliss Life” you must be willing to express love on the highest levels possible. To do this, you must eliminate the noise around you. Get away from the things and people that are holding you back. You must be willing to go to places that you’ve never gone to before. You must have the courage to explore the possibilities of bliss that exist all around you. If you find that anything hinders you from exhibiting this higher expression of love, you must let it go. To let go is to “let God.” What do you mean Sherie to let go is to “let God?” To let go is to allow the higher part of yourself, the platform to shine in all areas of your life. It’s letting go of the old ways of doing things, seeing things, and believing in things. The definition of insanity is when you continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

Look at your results and if you find you are coming up short, let go of something. This paves the way for you getting what you want. Sometimes letting go is difficult because you may be attached to people, relationships, situations and things. The question then should be: How is this relationship or situation serving me? If it is not, and it’s detracting from your quality of life, let it go!

Your life’s goal should be one of “Courting the Bliss Life.” So many of us allow others to rob us of our bliss. They say that, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Who are you hanging around? Are you hanging around people that edify you and add to your life? Are you participating in toxic relationships that rob you of your spirits song? Do you have a mate who is compatible with you and on the same wave length? Or are they incompatible and emotionally detached? Do you hang around people that help you to grow?

Answering these questions makes it easy to know whether or not you are infact “Courting the Bliss Life.” If you said yes to any of these questions; it’s time to examine your life and start letting go, so that you may let the song of your spirit begin to sing. Stop settling and allowing yourself to have the shortest end of the stick. What are you waiting for? It’s time to “Court the Bliss Life.”

By Sherie Hollis