Hi I’m Sherie Hollis–I received a  Masters of Science Degree in Metaphysics, from The American Institute of Holistic Theology. Metaphysics seeks to explain the order to the chaos in the world. How things come to be what they are, the nature of reality. It has always been an obsession of mines. As I discovered the answers to my own life questions; I realized I was on to something. I was given the keys to the kingdom so to speak. I was no longer in the dark, I could finally see myself and my true purpose, and why I was born.

It changed my life! It gave me my mission. I’d love to help you find yours too. I’m more than a Life Coach, I’m an Intuitive Healer. Teaching people how to go within; to uncover, recover and discover who they are–has always come easy for me. I was doing it naturally since I was a teenager with my friends family, and strangers long before I knew I had a gift.  

 Born with a unique ability, to identify the things that are holding people back–Within a few minutes of meeting you–I can tell you exactly where you are spiritually in life; and what you need to do to get unstuck.  I will assist you in moving past your limitations. To empower you to live blissfully.  I’ve actively coached people for many years–Teaching them how to live a more blissful life in all areas of their lives. I’ve worked extensively in my own community; hosting workshops doing just that.

I’m available for One-on-One Coaching, & Group Coaching.

For further information: If you have questions, email me at I look forward to hearing from you…

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