About Us


The concept of “Courting the Bliss Life” is about totally engaging yourself in a state of bliss. This state actually is our natural state of being. Living the life of bliss is the goal of every human being. Here on this site, you will find ways to do this in a deeper way. We are all here in this life to expand our consciousness, so that we can experience a higher expression of love. As we do, we will find ourselves courting a life full of bliss. This bliss will lead us into the realm of infinite possibilities, where all of our dreams come true. Our only requirement is to live in congruence with our bliss which is the calling of our spirit. We are all here to share a part of our unique authentic expression. To share it, gives others the permission to do the same, to express it, feeds our soul. This is the true meaning of living a life full of bliss. It is a courtship with the divine spirit that lives inside of us. It is calling us to be more, do more and live more. Living more is the truth of who we are. In living our truth we will come face to face with what it means to be truly alive. “Courting the Bliss Life” is  what it’s all about.

Thank You for visiting my blog………Where we intend to give you an experience of bliss with every visit. Sherie Hollis

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