When Things Fall Apart

When things go wrong most people wonder why. They ask themselves: What’s it all for? You lose your job, someone close to you dies. A relationship ends, you lose your home, your health seems to be failing, you may lose money…The question to ponder over is: Where’s it all leading to?   “When things fall apart” is taken from a conversation I was having with a friend yesterday at the gym. He asked me a question: He said, “Is anything really solidified?” His question was in reference to being layed off from his job and life in general. I responded by saying, “Actually nothing is. That’s the beauty of life. The uncertainty is what keeps it interesting. What did I mean? In uncertainty we grow. In comfort we stagnate. The only thing that’s concrete,  and always guaranteed in life is “change.”

It’s the one thing that you can bet on. I also said there’s a force or forces that govern the universe that operates above and beyond us. We can do all that we can to plan our lives, we can do all we can to fix things or control things, but our power is limited. He said: “Yes but we do have freedom of choice.” I said, “Yes free will helps, but these forces that compel us to grow are the best of planners. We may have something in mind for ourselves and believe we know the way. We may believe we know what’s best for us, but the forces that govern creation has something better in mind. It doesn’t mean that we will live in a rose garden  which is what most of us desire to live in, but it means that each and everyone of us are given what we need to grow.

When things fall apart  it means that things are really just falling into place. Things are shifting to where they should be. The forces of change are stepping in to assist you. When this happens it doesn’t always look pretty. Something has to be agitated, upset, the balance has to be disrupted in order for change to come. Our comfort zones have to be shaken up. It all part of it. Sometimes the scales of life have to go unbalanced in order for things to be balanced. In order for this to happen something has to first die before something new to come into fruition.

Imagine a world where nothing changed and everything stayed the same? We would be bored to death because there would be nothing to challenge us. “All things are in divine order,” is a statement I love to quote. It’s another way of saying that everything is just what it should be. When you think about it, “when things fall apart” carries a negative connotative energy because it assumes that something is coming apart.

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