I’m going to ask you for just for a moment to allow yourself to be. Let go of all of your inhibitions. Your pretensions, and your self-consciousness if you will. Let go of your fears. Take a walk with me now. Let us walk down the path of the unknown.  Leave your resistance at the door.

Is there something you want to do, but you don’t know how to do it? Who would you like to be in this moment? I’m not asking who you think you could be. But who would you like to become, that you don’t believe you can become? Is there a certain skill you need to acquire? Is there a certain education needed that you don’t have? What would it take for you to become that person? I’m not asking you what the world believes you need to become, to be that person. I’m asking you what do you need to to do to become that person?

Let me make my point here: The person you would like to become, is the person you already are. Your only requirement i say, is to “be.”  Be that person that you know you are. That person lives in the heart of your heart. Stand up i say! You don’t need to know what the journey looks like. All you have to do is be that person. Act like that person. Speak like that person. See through the eyes of that person. Taste like that person. Hear through that persons ears, touch with the hands of that person. If you do, you will find that you are that person.

You will also find that you will come alive. You will awaken to your spirit. Above all, this is who you are! You are pure consciousness known as “spirit.” It awaits the opportunity to be expressed by you. What are you waiting for? “Be!”

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  1. Your grace is infectious and it comes through so strongly in your writing! I really enjoyed this and I am here for more!!! Soooo many people need to read this!!!


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