I remember reading this statement in Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”  “Those Who Seek to Keep Their Security, Lose  Their Freedom, and Those Who Seek to Keep Their Freedom Lose Their Security.” I thought to myself: “What a profound statement.” I pondered over this for many years after reading that book. The impact of those words touched me so deeply, that i included it as a topic at a workshop i was giving for women at a local community center. What does it mean? Why did i decide to write this post today on this subject? Why did it touch me so deeply that i included it in a workshop? Let’s take a look at this:

Today as i was driving my children to school, i was pulled over by an officer who had already had someone waiting in line for him. He said that i had run past a yellow school bus with the flashing lights on my left side…The crazy thing about it was, that i didn’t even see the bus. I had always considered myself to be a cautious and a defensive driver. Only one time many years ago i was accused of passing a school bus and knew for sure that when i passed the bus, the lights had already went out. But there was an officer who patrolled the area where i worked, and claimed that i passed the bus when the lights were up. I went to court and told the judge that i knew for sure that i didn’t pass when the bus had the flashing lights on. He seemed to have an attraction for me and sensed my sincerity and decided to dismiss it, with a fine for $385. I was pissed! Why am i telling you this story? Because the first incident appeared to cause me to lose my security and possibly  my license. It seemed like i would be all messed up. But something in my spirit wouldn’t allow that cop to ruin my day. I told myself that i was going to have a good day regardless. I decided that my security could never be wrestled, as long as my inner resolve was in tact. There may be officers of the land over certain laws, but the God within is the only reality.

This premise didn’t mean that i would be exempt from the consequences of paying a fine. It didn’t mean that in the external world i wouldn’t suffer some discomfort. What it did mean, was that my security came from within. In the understanding of such, i was free. No one could take away my freedom unless i let them. I didn’t care about losing my security, i didn’t care about the consequences of my actions. It was a mistake. It was not done intentionally. A special note: The right attitude to have is, the kind i pondered over when reading in the Bible the story of “David and Goliath.”  David didn’t run from the battle, he ran to it. Now like David i am courageous. Like David i am focused on my goal. I am focused on the victory being won. My tribulations and adversities of the past, have been building me up. I now stand firm on my resolve, to live my intention.

I no longer want to run from what i needed to face.  On many occasions in my life  i felt like: “Now here i am in the “Pit Hell of Goliath, i’m facing my demons head on.  I may lose my security, but i am more free today than ever! Now i know that it’s better to be free than secure.” What do you mean by that Sherie? What do you mean it’s better to be free than to be secure? What i mean is, there is nothing better than freedom. When you are free, you don’t fear consequences. When you are free, you are not fooled by appearances, and how things look and adversities. Because you know in your heart, in your soul and in your mind; that the security that you seek is within you. As long as you are secure within, no one can ever take away your security, and you will always be free! What a beautiful resolve to have when you understand. It’s not an easy road to travel when you start to think like that. You may temporarily lose a whole lot of security. You may lose your job. You may lose a mate. You may lose the comforts that you’ve known.  But if you keep your eye on the “prize,’ if you keep your mind focused on the highest of ideals, you will be free. What is your ideal?  I’m talking here about the vision of where you desire to go…..That is your security! That is your freedom! And as long as you hold that vision in your mind, it is a reality. And no one could ever take away your security. You will always be free, when you hold yourself to a higher ideal. How is that Sherie, that you will be free?

“You mean to tell me that i will be free? “I don’t have a job right now.” “I don’t know how i’m going to eat next month.” “I don’t know how i’m going to pay my rent.” “I don’t even know if i will be able to get a job.” “I don’t know if i could support myself and my children.” The place that you are looking for, that place of security, that place of freedom; is found within you.  So it’s not about bad mouthing anyone. It’s not about hurting anyone. It’s about doing what you need to do for yourself. It’s about being really, really free! That’s what true life is. It’s freedom! How much would you pay for freedom? Some say the price is too high. Some settle for something less.  But the price of freedom is worth it. Without freedom, you are a slave to circumstances. Without freedom, you are dead!  Because circumstances will always determine your forward moving action. Whenever you are enslaved, you live according to circumstances. If everything’s going well, then you are happy. If things don’t go well your not happy. And you start adjusting your life according to external circumstances. What happens then, is that you begin to soften your resolve and lose your ideal. Your ideal is your vision of where you are going. “Where There is No Vision, the People Perish.” How is it that you have a vision, and you are born with a vision and a desire to manifest the highest of your potential: But something happens to you in your life, some type of adversity, some type of financial constraint, or maybe a relationship issue or problem. And then what happens? Because you are not rooted in your internal security, you soften your resolve.

As you soften your resolve you lose your vision or give it up. Because you feel that your vision cannot be accomplished based on the circumstances or obstacles. What happens when you allow yourself to give up? You lose yourself. You lose your passion. You lose your zeal and enthusiasm for life. You lose your existence. Because you are no longer alive. You are no longer pumping with the spirit of life. The blood of life no longer flows through your veins. It becomes coagulated because you have let someone or something clot and cloud your way of thinking. Or you have let a circumstance, or adversity stop you. No matter what is going on in your life right now, i want you to understand……that you must never lose sight of your vision. Even when it looks impossible. You must never, ever , ever, give up! Your vision is your life! It’s all you have. It’s what makes you a human being. It’s what sets you apart from the animals and the insects and the creatures in nature. Because you have free will to choose for yourself, what you desire. I hope i’m making it plain? I hope i’m making it crystal clear, of how important it is to choose your freedom over your security.

When you live for your security, you live in a comfort zone. And your comfort zone constricts your growth. That comfort zone stifles out your vision. That comfort zone, spoils all of your useful habits. My mom used to always say, “Bad Associations Spoil Useful Habits.” I’m going to say that again, “Bad associations spoil useful habits.” How is that so? What do you mean? Who are you associating with? What are you thinking? Association is not only the people you hang out with, it is also the thoughts you entertain. Have you been courting the wrong mindset?  Have you associated your thinking with the wrong belief systems? That’s a whole other story, that i won’t go into now for the sake of brevity.  Your security is you. You must never put your security in the hands of circumstances, or people. We have no control over others or circumstances. The only control we have is in ourselves. So where is your security? It is in your resolve, it is in your stance, it in your firm resolutions and affirmations.

When you decide to be free you change your language. You begin to speak words like: “I will not buckle under external circumstances.” “I will not be fooled by appearances.” “I will not give up my dignity and my self respect, just to keep a job.” “I will not be disrespected by my boss.” “I will not be mistreated by my husband.” “I will not be mistreated by my wife.” “I choose to live my life abundantly.” “I choose to be free.” “I choose to be free from time clocks.” “I choose to be free to choose for myself how much i will make in my financial life.” “I choose to rely on myself and God.” “I choose to live my highest ideal and manifest my vision.” “No matter how crazy things may get, i choose my freedom.” “No matter what deprivation i may suffer, i choose to be free.” “No matter what consequences come my way, i choose my freedom.” “No matter how crazy things look when it all seems to be falling apart, i choose my freedom.” This is the mindset that will give you true freedom. Will you choose freedom over security? When you choose freedom no one can control you, or harm you.

When you choose freedom, you are alive. When you choose freedom, it doesn’t matter what is taken away from you, you know that you can always get it back and more. When you choose freedom, you understand that there are no endings, only beginnings. Let’s start now! Choose freedom today!

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  1. Wow!! I think every part of this post was GREAT! Thank you so much for sharing. So many lines stuck out to me, I had to go back and re-read them. It was powerful! I definitely am working on the balance of both security and freedom. I now understand their importance, as well as having a vision. Everything you wrote really touched and inspired me. Thank you so much !!! Speak to you soon. ~Queen 🙂


    • So glad I could inspire you. As you are still searching always know that you will be given the answers you need. It was a complete pleasure to have met you. I will follow you on your blog as well. Talk to you soon.


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