You will be told what to do.

A few years ago i remember reading Iyanla Van Zant’s book, “Value in the Valley.” Which by the way is a phenomenal book. She was talking about the fact that we would be told what to do on our journey in life. I remember contemplating over that statement and wondering what she meant by that. Sounds simple right? “You will be told what to do.” At the time i was really annoyed with that statement. I thought: What do you mean i will be told what to do?

Everywhere i looked, it seemed like others were being told what to do. They were succeeding in so many things. But what about me? I was frustrated and confused about how to accomplish my goals. I spent many years admiring and cheering on successful people on the sidelines. I used to watch a show called, “Dream Living,” on the travel channel. It was a show about very wealthy people, who purchased beautiful homes that most of us can only dream of having. I wondered to myself were they told what to do? What did they know, that the masses of the world didn’t know? What is it that causes some to have, while others only dream about having?

My inquiry into the understanding of such matters, has taken me down a path of immeasurable discoveries. What i found out is that, all of us are told what to do. The difference is that, most of us have no clue that we are being guided. Ostensibly, when guidance comes, we don’t even recognize it. We see it as a common occurence of daily life. What do you want to do with your life? Are you waiting for someone to tell you how to get started? Are you waiting for clear instructions about what to do?

The truth is, all you have to know is what you are passionate about. What are your gifts  and your talents? Or what are the things you like to do? For example my passion is mentoring people on spiritual life principles. I’m also a writer and author; I knew that this was my passion because it fills me up with joy. Just knowing that i helped someone made living worth it. Sharing my insights gave me life, and seemed to help others immensely. But i didn’t know how to turn what i loved to do, into a business. Eventually i realized that the “how” is not our concern. Our only requirement in life, is to step up. The rest will be shown to us. It’s a process that becomes simple when you know how the universe works. The unfoldment of this process begins when you take a step towards doing something, anything. You don’t even have to know what you are doing. In time the universe will step in and assist you. It will bring people, circumstances and events your way that support you in your efforts.

It’s like building a house, it is built one brick at a time. You are given the unfoldment of the steps incrementally. I wish i would have known this then. It would have saved me a lot of drama. But like they say, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I guess life had to run its course until i was open enough to receive. Go ahead! Try it. Put the universe to the test. Step up in faith, and you will be told what to do.

By Sherie Hollis

6 thoughts on “You will be told what to do.

  1. Amazing,,,,This is your song, exactly what you were meant to do,,,,for these words even in its brevity have filled me with my song,,,,it has motivated me to sing it AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS,,,,,bless you ever and always,,,,we need more of you……………


    • Thank you Vera. You really read my intention. Seeing others sing their song is what i live for. The light that they see in me i try to let them know that it’s just their eyes looking back at themselves……Sing your song baby loud and clear!


  2. I couldn’t sleep anymore, and I didn’t want to watch television. The next thing you know I saw your face on f/b. I read the question related to Blissfulness. I read all through your insightful and inspirational messages. I truly was glad to see your face, along with all the positive vibes I felt after reading everything. It went well with my morning coffee, and was a breakfast of Champions for me. Thanks for all of it, I needed it bad.

    Keep doing what your doing, we need your insightful wisdom. Love you!!!!!!!


    • Wow! You really made my day with that message so inspiring. I appreciate your feedback and value it greatly. Continue to stay tuned as i share what has been on my heart for years. Continue to visit my page. I luv you cuz……..much blessings and continued success to you.


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